The Alnico II Black Belt - Humbucker

Imagine, if you will, the MCP Black Belt dipping his hands and feet in cotton candy. You'd get the same intense kick and punch of the original, but just a little softer and sweeter attack.

The specially tuned Alnico II magnet in the A2 Black Belt ensures that your tone will stay smooth and sweet. The perfect pickup to warm up an especially bright axe, or to add that worn-in, well loved vintage edge to a brand new instrument.

Top contenders are more than welcome to challenge-  Let's not pull punches.Talk is cheap....Let's work!!

Due to the scarcity of raw materials, the Alnico 2 Blackbelts are available in EXTREMELY limited quantity.

Please call for information and availablity.


Please email/message for more information: Check Back Soon
Single Pickup
$200.00 USD
Paired Set
$400.00 USD
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